Aeolian acres

As an extension of Elsewhere's usual artist residency program, we are happy to partner with aeolian acres -- a space with its own unique and welcoming vibe. It is located off Hwy 133 between Paonia and Hotchkiss and provides more of a retreat style residency.

It is a special opportunity that is separate from Elsewhere Studios' normal programming. Artists-in-residence at aeolian have the option to participate in community events at Elsewhere Studios in town, share communal dinners, or have exhibitions, but can also choose to create their own solitary residency. If you have any questions regarding this opportunity please contact our Program Manager:



Nestled in the North Fork Valley on the western slope of Colorado, is aeolian acres. Just 3 miles from the Paonia Creative District, aeolian acres residency program is offered as an extension of Elsewhere Studios, located in the heart of Paonia. Through Elsewhere Studios, aeolian acres is offering three creative living spaces that share a 1000 sq-ft art studio space inside a 3000 sq-ft home. 

The current owners, Tony and Karen Hinkel, who live onsite, purchased aeolian acres in September of 2017 from the internationally acclaimed bronze sculptor, Lincoln Fox.  He and his wife, Rachelle, lived here for over 20 years. Lincoln Fox’s bronze “Love of Flight” is in the Albuquerque airport. Before the Fox’s there was the Barbee family, and before them the Mowrer family who raised Hereford bulls and sold them out of the barn.  Mr. Mowrer grew his own feed and left the property with 4- defined growing areas. Mr. Wootton, from the panhandle of Texas, acquired the property from two miners who built two log cabins on the property in the 1880’s. He superimposed a 2-story house over the two log cabins to remind him of the panhandle of Texas. Locals refer to the house as the “Plantation House.” He had a successful apple orchard for many years.

Karen and Tony’s paths crossed more than once in the course of their coming together and ultimately creating aeolian acres. The first time was in Las Vegas, when Tony was taking a few off years during college and Karen had moved to the Big City after growing up in Boulder City, Nevada. But the time wasn’t right, yet… Next time they would cross paths was 20 years later in Denver. Tony had passed through several lives as a geologist (BS from UNLV), business owner, and IT geek, while Karen had been working as an international flight attendant, investing in real estate, and finishing her degree in philosophy from UC-Denver. This time, there were sparks!

Eventually the Hinkels created a philanthropic real estate firm, investing time and donations into local community development, various non-profits, and historical preservation. But the city was getting crowded, options seemed increasingly pre-defined, and it was clearly time for a change. They felt the need for a more intentional style of life, bringing together a love of nature, artistic expression, and a renewed sense of wonder.

Circumstances conspired, as they often do, and Karen and Tony are pleased to offer a slice of aeolian acres to artists and creatives living in or visiting the North Fork Valley. As an extension of Elsewhere Studio’s artist residency program, they can provide a gateway to the inspiration of the outdoors combined with comfortable quarters and a lovely, 1,000 sq ft studio built by international bronze sculptor, Lincoln Fox. aeolian acres currently encompasses 22 acres of nature, agriculture, hospitality, and inspiration, and you are welcome here!

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There are three living spaces for artists-in-residence within the house shared with Karen and Tony Hinkel, and are divided into an ensuite apartment on the second floor with two bedrooms, and a small separate room off the studio on the main floor. The ensuite offers 500 sq ft of living space that includes two private bedrooms with a dedicated shared living area, new tiled ¾ tiled bath with an extra shared storage closet, and a kitchenette comprised of a small refrigerator, microwave and sink. There is a fold-out bed in the living area if you have a friend visiting for a night, a reading nook and a kitchen table with 4 chairs. The kitchenette is fully stocked with dishes, coffee pot, tea pot, toaster, silverware and linens. The bath is stocked with towels, shampoo/conditioner and locally made goat soap.

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The 100 sq ft brown room has a full size midcentury bedroom set, a good-sized closet and a view of the 100-year old cottonwood tree with the nesting red-tail hawks. The mattresses are firm and has bamboo linens and pillows for your comfort. Access to shared living spaces, ¾ bathroom, ensuite kitchenette, storage, ground floor shared kitchen and art studio= $800/month


The 100 sq ft blue bedroom has a twin trundle bed, a small desk, book shelves and a good-sized closet. There is a warm comforter for the winter months, and a fan to keep the room cool in the summer. The room faces south and west with 3 large horizontal windows that frame the view of cattle ranches, organic farms and the iconic West Elk Mountains. To the west is a view of the 100-year old bent cottonwood where a pair of red-tail hawks make their yearly nest at the base of Sunshine Mesa. Access to shared living spaces, ¾ bathroom, ensuite kitchenette, storage, ground floor shared kitchen and art studio= $800/month


The orange bedroom is 100 square ft and has a full bath (shared with the studio). It is on the ground floor adjacent to the shared artist studio. This cozy room has a full foam bed, 3 large windows and a small closet. There is direct access to this room from the art studio. Shared kitchen and art studio = $650/month

All artists have use of the main downstairs kitchen, shared with Karen and Tony. Between the kitchen and art studio is another shared space for the artists referred to as the ‘breezeway’. Plenty of space to collaborate or find a niche for quiet solitude. There is a fold out sofa in the breezeway for overnight guests if needed. The breezeway is set up for reading, relaxing, socializing, eating, yoga and. It is made to be a multi-use hang-out room just for the creatives in residence.

There is a shared BBQ area to the east of the house with seating for 8 under a sienna umbrella with a Weber gas grill. There are also porches where creatives can relax, smoke and enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of aeolian acres.  

Laundry is in the main house and artists are allowed 1 load per week per resident. Detergent is provided, and $5 per load will be appreciated to off-set the cost.

Note:  If an artist-in-residence is interested, aeolian acres has opportunities to earn $12/hour doing some manual farm labor like running the chipper, weeding the hemp field, cleaning tipis and all other types of manual work.  None are too horrendous! Alas, the jobs are mostly physical…moving rocks if you like. Let us know if this may interest you; aeolian acres estimates 12-20 hours of work per week.  aeolian acres can’t build out on their own and can use the help!

Studio Space

The large art studio has a high ceiling and loads of natural light from 8 north facing windows. The space, while still a work in progress, is generous and can easily accommodate all three residents. We are working on moveable walls to corner off sections if you need more privacy to work. The studio provides dedicated storage areas for tools and materials. There is a wood burning stove and a refrigerator for your personal food and beverages. Creatives are to supply their own materials. 

The studio can also accommodate large artworks that can be moved through an oversized door.

Explore the Area

The property includes: 22 acres of mesas and farmland, North Fork Valley Hemp (during the summer growing season), tree-lined Love Gulch, an irrigation ditch that runs like a small river all summer behind the house, a rustic barn to explore, and North Fork Tipi Haven & camping rentals April-November.  

The view from the front of the property is dominated by mountains that rise up from the valley floor, the West Elks: Mount Lamborn (11,401’) and Lands End (10,806’) are front and center, Mount Gunnison (12,725’) peers out from behind Mount Lamborn.  Stunning vistas, mountains and mesas set against the Colorado blue sky are sure to impress any jaded traveler.

The property is under Dark Sky, and a stargazer will feel right at home in the meadow behind the house on a moonless night.  Nearby, the Black Canyon Astronomical Society hosts special stargazing events for a night-time excursion. During the full moon, aeolian acres’ meadow is lit up and magical. Night strolls are encouraged. aeolian acres’ goal is to share these special places with our guests, and that they may find some inspiration.  

Deadline for applications: NOVEMBER 7th