Contact Microphone Building Workshop

Contact Microphone workshop - Alessandro Maione  (3).jpg
Contact Microphone workshop - Alessandro Maione  (3).jpg

Contact Microphone Building Workshop


Contact microphone building workshop
Paonia Senior Center, 106 3 d street, Paonia, Colorado
1:00pm-3: 00pm
Number of people: max 20

What is a Contact Microphone?
A contact microphone senses audio vibrations through contact with an object as opposed to standard microphones, which senses audio vibrations through the air. This makes contact microphones great for amplifying acoustic stringed instruments,
such as acoustic guitars, ukuleles, violins, cellos etc. These microphones are also great for recording unorthodox sound sources, such as footsteps, blenders, club soda, and that crystal you always felt a strange connection with.

What will the workshop be?
In the workshop Alessandro Maione will instruct you how to make your very own contact microphone with all materials included. He will explain a brief introductory history and demonstrate different ways of using the microphone. All participators are encouraged to bring objects to create sounds with and participate in a sound collage piece using their objects and microphones. By the end each participator will
leave with a contact microphone, detailed instructions in how to create microphones for the future and a group piece of music, which will be emailed.

What should you bring?
*Your very own special object to record, be creative, and choose an object that
will produce a sound interesting to you!
* If you are 18 and older and would like to bring your own soldering gun and feel comfortable soldering, you may solder your own microphone, please disclose so when signing up.

Alessandro Maione is a composer currently based in Connecticut. He is formally trained in composition from The Berklee College of Music where his interest in unorthodox notation and multimedia performance led him to his further studies at Suffolk University in philosophy. Alessandro studied under composer Keith Kramer, and philosophers Janet Chwalibog, Donna Giancola, and Montgomery Link.  During his time spent in Boston, Massachusetts, Alessandro pioneered the underground punk venue XENOGOGUE, which later promoted his band GAMMAPOPE; an experimental noise rock orchestra, which later was recognized by The Boston Hassle. Currently, Alessandro is a resident of Elsewhere Studios, working on a collaborative project with visual artist and painter, Henry Kunkel, combining the mediums of auditory and visual in the form of a graphic score. His last show in Paonia will be November 29th, 2018 at Elsewhere studios, where he will exhibit the work he has created in the last 3 months.

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