October 2018

Chantel New

 PELA: Where are you from?                 

 CN: I’m from Victoria B.C

PELA: What will you be working on during your time at Elsewhere?

CN: I am going to be working on drawings and paintings for an exhibition I have going on in Victoria in January 2019.


PELA: Why did you decide to become an artist?

CN: I grew up loving art and always wanting to do art. My mom and dad went to architectural school so I was always encouraged to be creative. All throughout high school I wanted to be an architect. To be an architect you have to get a masters degree, so I thought that for my bachelors degree I would do an art and design type of portfolio, but I ended up loving art too much to do anything else.

PELA: What do you want to do with your art career?

CN: Right now I do graphic design for a marketing company in Victoria. It’s a good way of being creative at work without having it being my fine art practice. I love that for this month and i'm hoping to do more residencies in the future so I can spend more time focusing on my fine art.

PELA: Where do you work best/ what helps inspire your art?

CN: I really love old photographs and history, finding antique shops or just things that seem odd or photographs that seem out of place. I grew up by the ocean, so I also find a natural landscape very inspiring. I love hiking and being outdoors so that’s another source of inspiration for me.

PELA: What and who are your influences?

CN: Barnett Newman is one of my favorite artists, he is an abstract expressionist teacher. I find the minimalist era to be really inspiring, that's a good influence for me because I find that my art is very minimal. I also find feminist artists as well as different feminist movements to be a big influence as well.

PELA: Who do you look up to and who do you want to be like?

CN: More contemporary artists like Sophie Jodoin, she is an artist in Montreal and I love her work, she's pretty prolific.

PELA: Is this the first residency you have ever done?

CN: This is my second, however my first one was a bit different in the sense that it wasn't as much about making art but rather collecting inspiration. There was a little bit of art involved, but i've never had an opportunity to just work completely on my art.

PELA: What did you take away from your past residency?

CN: The residency I did previous to arriving at Elsewhere didn't have much of a tangible achievement afterwards, I think it was more so affirmation of wanting to pursue art and gaining inspiration as well as the encouragement from other artists.

PELA: Do you ever get tired of making art?

CN: So with my job at home I only work Monday to Thursday and Fridays I try to make an art day, but it's amazing how even one day of creative work can make you really tired.

PELA: Do you have anything else to add/what are you thinking about the residency so far?

CN: I just showed up yesterday, so it's pretty new but i'm excited. I've never had so much time and space just to work on art. Even in university you always have other classes and other projects. So this will be the first time that I will have nothing to do but make art.

PELA: What do you think about Paonia so far?

CN: I spent yesterday afternoon exploring and so far I love it. I grew up in a small town but my small town was dingey, and this is pretty nice.

PELA: How different is Paonia from where you grew up?

CN: It actually reminds me a bit of my home, but my small town was a logging community and there wasn't really a sense of community, but here it's like everyone knows every one. There's always so many events and different things going on, I really love that and my community was nothing like that.

Mingyu Lane Shi

PELA: What's your name?

Lane: My name is Mingyu Lane Shi. I was born near Shanghai in south China but I moved to Guan Ju, but now I've been living in the U.S. for 9 years.


PELA: What are you working on while you are here at Elsewhere Studios?
Lane: I'm working on a performance set divided by two languages, one is Chinese and one is English so I’m composing songs in both of those languages and I want to explore the differences of the emotional impact on linguistic varieties, that's my focus and I'm going to perform my set with all my gear in the Studio.

PELA: Why did you decide to become and artist?

Lane: I think artist is more like a name people put it on. You can be an artist just by asking me these questions. For music wise I just feel it and I just want to do it.

PELA: How do you work best, what inspires your art?

Lane: What inspires my art? Experiences. I take in every interaction with people and take it into my thinking. I remember the first trigger that inspired me it's actually a book that I read when I was 13, it was a story about a girl being abandoned but she found her way to live her life with all the step brothers and sisters and I found it very inspiring. I was studying classical piano at the time and I started to compose some ideas and I guess that's how I feel the most is when emotions comes to one another.

PELA: what are your influences and what else inspires you?  

Lane: I really like mountain scenes and nature definitely is one of the biggest inspirations. Also one of my favorite things  is to watch a lot of films; for example I like Jean-Luc Godard a lot. I like Alejandro Jodorowsky; the Director of Holy Mountain quite a lot, but I don't agree with everything he does in the film but I appreciate his talent of pulling everything together in such a rare raw quality and that gives me a lot of colors and transferring colors to a musical spectrum is very much my favorite sport.

PELA: Is this your first residency?

Lane: Yes it is.

PELA: Why is it your first residency

Lane: Because I've been living in New York for a little bit and i feel really inspired living there and i didn't really come out for a more fun reason than to go to residency. However, my friend told me about Paonia and i always wanted to be closer to nature and kind of let it influence my singing a little bit so that's why i like Colorado. Paonia is perfect. why not? so I applied and got in. I am so grateful.

PELA: Do you ever get tired of making art?

Lane: I don’t get tired of making art but I get angry, especially dealing with social aspects of people. I often go to parties and perform in New York and usually people will ask you about your position rather than focusing on being your friend and exploring together.

PELA: How do you get others interested in your art?

Lane: By performing, and whether they are interested in it or not, it doesn't really matter.

Nandan Sam He

PELA: Where are you from?

SAM: New York

PELA: What are you working on well at Elsewhere?

SAM: I am planning to work on some little installations. I basically work with mix media, so my sculpture will be moving. I connect motors and electronics.


PELA: Why did you decided to be an artist?

SAM: When I was young I never thought I would be a professional artist but later in my life I went to art school for painting and then changed to interdisciplinary media.

PELA: What inspires your art?

SAM: Everything in my life, including youtube. I like to use a serious way to describe really ridiculous things or use a ridiculous way to describe really serious things.

PELA: What are your influences?

SAM: I really like filmmaker young spanksmire I really like his stop motion. I also like an artist named mika rotenberg.

PELA: Is this your first residency?

SAM: Yes this is my first residency, I really like it so far.

PELA: How do you think this residency will help your art?

SAM: I picked this residency because it’s in such a small town that is so surreal and quaint. also it’s so close to nature which is a lot different from New York where I live.

PELA: Do you ever get tired of making art?

SAM: Yes I do. I think every artist does but once you change your environment and then do something else and then come back to it you’ll feel alive again.

PELA: What do you think of Paonia?

SAM: I think it’s super cute and different from New York where I live.