February 2019

Lidia Guerrero

PELA: Where are you from?

LG: I’m from Alicante. It’s a city in Spain off the Mediterranean Coast.


PELA: how did you find Elsewhere?

LG: I was really interested in the artist residency movement that has been going on lately. After I went to Mexico last year and did my first residency I started searching and looking for opportunities to try new things and just keep evolving in my art. It was just luck, pure luck, and the internet I guess.

PELA: What type of art do you do?

LG: Right now I am doing a mix, but I’ve always been really into painting most of all. But, I also like drawing and sculpture. Right now I’m working on some Flamengo themed paintings.

PELA: What inspires your work?

LG: As I said before, I’m working on Flamengo and I think that is what is inspiring me that most lately. It’s all the passion and all the movement as wll as the music and the dancing. I love seeing how people get really into it. It’s like they’re being themselves in a really amazing way. I get really inspired by people.

PELA: What started you into your art journey?

LG:Ever since I was really young I started doing art mostly to express myself and just to get away from the things that worried me. I used to be really into popular music when I was young and I would do these portraits of my favorite musicians and it grew and here I am now.

PELA: Who are some of your favorite artists?

LG: Well, a few weeks ago I got to go to the Whitney Museum in New York City and when I was there I got to see one of my favorites, Andrew Wyeth, which was very exciting. He does these realistic painting but in such a dark way. He can recreate these scenarios and landscapes and people where you don’t really know what’s going on but it’s really interesting. That is one of my favorites, but from my own country, I really like a painter named Joaquín Sorolla he used to recreate Spanish scenarios like people catching fish or people in the market, just normal day to day life in such a way that it is so colorful and so vivid. I love it.

PELA: What other residencies have you done?

LG: I was on Arquetopia artist residency, in Mexico, in a city called Puebla and it was really great. I stayed there for a month and it was really instructing because we would do these weekly meetings.

Clarissa Fortier

PELA: What is your name?    

CF: Clarissa Fortier


PELA: Where are you from?   

CF: I grew up in New York City

PELA: What inspires your art?     

 CF: Oil paint inspires my art ,and the outdoors especially rock climbing.

PELA: How do you get people in your art?      

CF: It depends on the audience. When I am painting western colorado people from that area are interested. Also making a good painting using colors and composition.

PELA: What are you working on during your time at Elsewhere?  

CF: I want to do a number of plein air oil paintings of the area.

PELA: How do you like paonia?      

CF: I like this landscape, it takes me a little bit to figure out where I want  to paint. I have done some exploring on my bike to get a feel for the area.

Will Chappell

PELA: What is your name?


WC: Will Chappell

PELA: Where are you from?

WC: Raynham Massachusetts

PELA: What are you working on during your time at Elsewhere?

WC: I am working on editing novels and writing short stories

PELA: What are the novels and short stories about?

WC: They are about king of the dichotomy of dreams and reality

PELA: What inspires your artwork/writing?

WC: Dreams and specifically the unattainable sort of aspects of life that seem unattainable.

PELA: How do those aspects inspire you?

WC: I think it’s interesting how far somebody will go to accomplish what they are hoping for.

PELA: Is this your first residency?

WC: Yes it is.

PELA: Are you liking it so far?

WC: Yeah I love it.

PELA: Would you do another residency after this?

WC: Yeah, maybe.

PELA: Why did you pick Elsewhere?

WC: I have friends in the area that told me about it.

PELA: Are you staying in Paonia after this residency is over?

WC: No I will be staying here for a few months and then going back to Massachusetts.

PELA: So far are you liking Paonia?

WC: Yeah I like it a lot

PELA: Do you like the small town feel?

WC: Yeah my town is small too though so I am kind of used to it but I like the closeness of everyone.

PELA: How do you get people interested in your artwork?

WC: I guess like one on one conversations with people and friends.

PELA: Do you have books published?

WC: I don't have anything published yet but just talking about it I guess.

PELA: How long have you been working on your writing?

WC: The current novel I am editing right now I started when I was 17 so about 12 years ago or so.

PELA: How long is your novel?

WC: It's about 65,000 words

PELA: Do you plan to get your novel published?

WC: Yeah I’ve submitted it to a few places. Nothing yet, but…

PELA: Are you still editing the novel?

WC: Yeah I’m still trying to clean everything up.

PELA: Do you have any messages for beginner writers?

WC: I guess just keep working at it, stay with it and keep writing

Abbey Paccia