Bill Althoff

Needing another hobby besides fly fishing when I retired in 2012, I decided to give painting a try.  After experimenting with oil, acrylic and water color I gravitated to oil.  After several tries at the Bob Ross method the beginners lessons offered at Center for the Arts Evergreen (CAE) by Pemm Dunn seemed like a way forward.  After introduction, the rest has been self-taught over the last 3 years.   Landscapes seemed well suited to the other hobby of fly fishing.  The work began to move in that direction with the majority of it having a fly fisher in them as the focal point “Backwoods Brookie”.  The meeting of 2 passions is now history and “Painting on the Fly” was born.  Some paintings don’t have fly fishers in them but are of very “fishy” locations like “Back at the Lodge”.  Who knows when or if a fly fisher might be added later.  

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