Resin and Wax and Bronze, oh my!

What a busy few weeks, I have finished casting 300 resin ring pops! I have casted and sanded all of them, so this week I am going to prep them for LEDs and finish them by buffing and polishing. I have a little bit more resin and would love to finish it off but my molds are starting to crap out. IMG_0713

Tomorrow I am going to Lands End Sculpture Center to make my ring pop waxes and cast them in bronze! Once I'm done with the waxes I'll cast the rest of the resin because it won't matter if the mold completely falls apart.

I have been really inspired by the entire casting process, mainly by the excess of what would normally be garbage. Below are some scraps of resin from casting and the circles are from the bottom of the mixing cups. I really enjoy working with what would be considered trash.

IMG_0668 IMG_0697

The last two pieces I've made have been based completely on that, "The Clothes Project" and "Minneapolis/St. Paul > for sale/wanted > free stuff (whatcha gonna do with all that junk)". You can check both these out on my website, The Clothes Project was the last piece I made where I took peoples' unwanted clothes and made them new clothes with the material. Before that I built a house modeled after a Tumbleweed Tiny House out of solely free materials from Craigslist. It's amazing what you can do with trash! How does the saying go, "One man's garbage is another man's treasure?" something like that. So I'm going to try to use these little bits somehow. We will see, maybe they'll find their purpose later on.

Talk to ya'll soon!