August at Elsewhere - Diana Naccarato

My stay at Elsewhere was invigorating and informative. The welcoming atmosphere and enthusiasm of Paonia's artistic community allowed for a prolific month of concentration and contemplation. Days were spent writing, painting, and reflecting on my work, and there was plenty of time to share ideas and form relationships with fellow residents. Paonia in August was lively and energetic, with beautiful weather and plenty of community activities to partake in, such as the Pickin' in the Park Summer Concert Series. I spent the month of August living in the Loft Room and working in the main studio, both of which were spacious and flooded with light. Living and working on the Main Floor enabled me to interact with, and get feedback from, the many visitors that passed through Elsewhere throughout the day.

Elsewhere is a haven for artists seeking time, space, and resources to create in a supportive environment. The local artistic community is open to a wide range of perspectives and many locals are eager to participate in Elsewhere events, thus promoting a fruitful stay in Paonia. My stay invigorated my practice as a painter and allowed me to produce seventeen drawings and paintings in four weeks (I also filled a sketchbook and a half during my residency-----the ideas just kept coming)!

My paintings and drawings deal with notions of emergence, growth and becoming. I have used inks, pens, oils, printmaking, and sculpture to understand these concepts through ambiguous forms and spaces reminiscent of natural forms and forces. I am interested in allowing individual marks to accumulate and form something larger. During my stay at Elsewhere, I focused solely on drawings and paintings made from Sumi Ink and some oil pastel.

At the end of the month, the Blue Sage Center for the Arts graciously hosted an exhibition and performance for the August Elsewhere residents, which was a great experience. I also spent lots of time at Studio Bija throughout the month, where I was able to practice yoga with a caring community.

I would recommend a residency at Elsewhere to any artist eager to devote an extended period of time to developing concepts in a relaxed, supportive environment. It was not easy to say goodbye to Elsewhere, but for now, it's back to New York. I hope to visit again someday! :)

I'll be updating my website soon with images from Elsewhere, so feel free to visit !