My take on Elsewhere

I was pursuing three aims in my application to the Elsewhere Studios Residency: completing three new projects, interacting with other artists and getting involved with the art community, and immersing myself in unspoiled nature. My expectations were met in all three aspects. I lived and worked in the suite for three months, which was an exceptionally well-lit space, beautifully furnished with a lot of hand-made objects. Since light and space are very important in my work, this living space had an exceedingly positive influence on my work. In addition, the objects in my surroundings inspired me to add new elements to my work.

I made several new friends in various fields of art during my stay at Elsewhere, and something tells me these friendships are going to last for a very long time. Seeing them grow in different stages of their work was illuminating and a delight. Specifically, I was able to closely observe the progress of a writer's work for the first time, which I found to be a wonderful experience. I was also pleasantly surprised by the vibrant art community of Paonia which seemed to outgrow the size of the town.

The structure and the palette of natural colors in Paonia was no less astonishing. Presence in that environment and seeing it every day was a major source of consolation for me as a person who is strongly attached to her family and lives far away from them. All in all, the experience was a blessing. Cheers to Karen and Willow for their exceptional support, and to Tomato, the sweetest cat ever!