Where in the world is Paonia? Or who is a Paonian?

Friends who had been to Paonia told me, "You'll like it."  I wasn't convinced.  I am now. The city, really a town, is only 1500 people with one main streets and no stop lights. The drivers are courteous. Surrounded by mountains there are streams that run through this piece of paradise. There is a great irrigation canal about 22 steps from the back door, covered by trees and shaded.  It was my office to write at. Paonia is very friendly and diverse---from hippies (old and young) to coal miners who still think Obama is a Kenyon, socialist and the anti Christ. However,  to be honest there is not a lot of brown and black faces. There are also, count'em 17 churches. Finally there is....OMG....marijuana abound. Presently the city is voting on to have the sale of pot in the city legal, like a retail store. Not that I used any....

Paonia and Elsewhere are a special place and I guarantee you will be captivated.  Paonia is what a small town should be---friendly, welcoming, neighbor knowing neighbor, a smile at every corner.  I might add this is where they grow fruits and vegetables and do come there in late summer and fall. The best peaches in the world.

Elsewhere is a fine older remodel abode. They have a sauna in the basement. The interior is unique but functional and Karen is Johnny on the spot---or is that Joanny on the spot. The back door is left open and in days your creativity will burst forth. Freedom does that to artists.

Come, stay and enjoy.

Michael McLaughlin