One week.

One week until it's time to go back to Los Angeles, a city I've always considered home and still do. But then, what IS home? Is it where you were born? Where you've lived the majority of your current years of existence? A comfortable place? Somewhere you have not only a past, but a future? Give me an inch (of Colorado) and I'm going to want a foot (of the rest of the Unites States.) This residency  has definitely been exactly what I was hoping for and more. The Town of Paonia is great, the residents here are wonderful and my fellow artists are so much fun. It's always warming to meet a crowd you get along with.

I know I've been happy hiding away at Elsewhere. My fellow artists and I have had mini dance parties, streamed 90's music, discussed art and life and even logged into our Myspace accounts just to revisit a part of our childhood. Honestly can't believe I remembered the log in information.

We've had one critique which was insightful and had quite an impact on the project I'm working on now. I've never put together an installation before. It's both intimidating and exciting. Inspiring each other and learning from one another has been fantastic here. Just the type of environment everyone should find within their own disciplines. Elsewhere has definitely provided a nurturing creative experience. I've been able to meet half of the goals I jotted down before making my way down here. That including designing textiles. They'll be ready on the 27th and I'm stoked!

We've explored a bit together, too. Revolution Brewery is quaint and has great beer. The Gunnison river gave us a nice path to walk down. No complaints here---and I mean to the point where I kind of don't miss LA. Okay, I don't miss LA at all.

Alas, I must go back. But I'm definitely looking forward to applying to residencies in the future. My hopes and expectations have definitely risen though...

I posted on Facebook, "One week left in Colorado. Pretty sure I don't want to leave." To which my boss responded: 'I was thinking of you this morning and wondered how you feel about leaving. It's great that you have had such a good time. Someone once said to me, "it's best to leave when you are having a good time, because in your mind it will always be a happy event, and you might even want to go back sometime." '

And that, I cannot argue with.