Bonnie Auslander

Baseball, Baklava and Wildflowers 

For part of the residency I worked on my poetry-for-kids collaboration with Fort Collins photojournalist Tanya Fabian. This particular series takes place in the periphery of baseball games; here are a few of her photos:

Aside from writing and reading, I spent a fair amount of time at Elsewhere hiking the Ditch Trail and cooking with Sahar, my fellow resident. Sahar lives in Lubbock, Texas, but grew up in Iran. I had always wanted to learn how to make Iranian rice and baklava, and got first-hand lessons in both. But perhaps most exciting of all was the day Sahar made chicken stew with rhubarb. She was surprised we liked it because no one American she had served it to likes sour flavors as much as Maddie and I did. I was very clear: Come cook sour foods for me any time. Those other people don’t deserve you.

Wildflowers from June along the Ditch Trail. Sahar and I are both married to men who disapprove of picking flowers, so we revelled in gathering this huge bunch.

Sahar showing off her baklava in the Elsewhere Kitchen.

Sahar, Maddie, and I spent a wonderful day exploring Telluride, which might be the prettiest town in the US. It’s about 2.5 hours away from Paonia but well worth the time it takes to get there.. We did see this amazing waterfall but I did not take this photo:

Photo Credit: Brad McGinley Photography

Photo Credit: Brad McGinley Photography