Mail Art Memories Inspiring Memories

Before moving to Paonia I lived in Portland, OR, where I taught art in programs for adults with developmental disabilities. At Art From The Heart I facilitated a mail art project in which clients drew images representing particular memories on the front of postcards. The backs of the postcards were left blank with a note saying,

" The drawing on the front of this card was created with a memory in Mind. What does it remind you of? A memory? A place you've been? Someone you know? We'd love to know what this drawing makes you think of. In the space below, write or draw your reflection then mail this card back to us. Thanks!"

Each postcard is pre-addressed with Art From The Heart's address. The postcards have traveled from Oregon to Arizona to Massachusetts, to the Czech Republic and back again. Once people respond to the drawings and mail the card in, clients at Art From The Heart get to see how their memories have called to mind other peoples' memories. It's an exercise in memories inspiring memories inspiring memories. 

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