There is the world we live in, with the stress, concern and obligation that often define our days and then there is Elsewhere, a truly otherworldly environment that carves out space for artists to create work that would not be possible otherwise. It’s the sort of place that grounds down your toes, invites in the whimsical and inspires the imagination to soar.
— Resident Alumni Siri Undlin

Frequently Asked Questions



Who can come?

Elsewhere is open to visual artists, musicians, writers, mixed media artists, and performing artists as well as scientists, activists, teachers, students, or any kind of creative thinker interested in exploring and expanding their work.. Emerging, professional, US or International artists, Elsewhere has had them all.

What should I bring?

photo by Darcie Rose

The basics! Clothing, toiletries and anything you'll need create your magic. (Optional: computer, camera, etc) We supply bedding, pillows, towels.


Can I buy art supplies there?

Most artists bring or ship art supplies that they will need during their stay.
The nearest art supplies stores are in Grand Junction, (1 ½  hour drive). Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Artist's Haven.


Can I ship things ahead of time?


UPS and FedEx MUST be shipped to street address:

107 3rd St, Paonia, CO 81428

USPS address is P.O. Box 926, Paonia, CO 81428


Mailing address and Street Address

UPS and FedEx MUST be shipped to street address:

107 3rd St, Paonia, CO 81428

USPS address is P.O. Box 926, Paonia, CO 81428


Phone service

Verizon does not work in Paonia. (Many residents have found this to be a blessing in disguise.) All other carriers seem to work reasonably well.

The Elsewhere phone has unlimited minutes for US calls. You are welcome to use it if you have Verizon.


Do you supply bedding and towels?

Yes. If you get cold easy consider bringing an extra blanket.

Where do I do laundry?

At Elsewhere! There is a washer and dryer on the campus.

How do I get to Elsewhere?

Good question.

By car

From Denver: Take I70 to Glenwood Springs. Follow signs to Aspen (Rt 82). Go about 12 miles. Turn right onto Rt133 at Carbondale. Go about 60 miles (over McClure pass). Turn right at first Paonia sign. (Watch carefully after the sign - it's a little confusing - no turn lane and you go left after the island). Straight to first  stop sign. Turn right (3rd St). We are the green house on right.

From Grand Junction:Take US 50 E to Delta. Turn left onto Rt 92 to Hotchkiss. Make slight left onto Rt 133. Turn right on first Paonia exit. Elsewhere will be on right just before first stop sign.


Amtrak stops in Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction


Greyhound stops in Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction


You can fly into Grand Junction Regional Airport (GJT) or Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ). They are each about 1½ hours from Paonia.
If you fly into Denver (DEN) you will need to take Bus (Greyhound) or Train (Amtrak) to Glenwood Springs. (Denver is 4 ½ hour drive to Paonia)


Is there public transportation to Paonia from Grand Junction or Glenwood Springs?

No. Transportation from Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, or Montrose can be arranged upon request. There is a $55 charge for this service (3 hour round trip). There is no public transportation.


Do you have bicycles for residents to use?

Yes. The Elsewhere bicycle fleet has a bike that is right for you to get around town. If you plan to do some out of town touring, or prefer a bike that works to your liking, you might want to bring your own.

Do you have scholarships or financial aid?

At this time we do not. The residency fees are already subsidized (we charge about ¼ of the actual cost of the residency). It never hurts to inquire, a grant may have come in while you are reading this.



Sorry non-service dogs and cats are not allowed.  Occasionally other animals have been permitted as residents (hedge hog and house trained rabbit). Inquire.


Shared residencies?

Elsewhere had two spaces that are large enough for two artists – The Suite and The Basement Apartment. If you wish to apply for a collaborative project, each artist will need to submit a separate application along with an explanation of the project and desired times an spaces. There is a $250 per month cost increase with a shared residency space. (res fee + $250)


Can I have visitors?

It is fine to have a visitor for a few days but please honor the other residents' time and space to be focused and create. Please share your visitor plans in advance and if possible arrange for their stay in one of Paonia's fine establishments. Here is a link to the Paonia Chamber of Commerce for a comprehensive list of charming bed & breakfasts.