Sites and concepts...

This has been an exciting week with lots of movements and new contacts made regarding Inspired: Art at Work.  Sculptor John Melvin continues fruitful discussion with collaborative partners at Western Slope Conservation Center, to locate site prospects near to the N. Fork of the Gunnison, and other areas.  In concept, he is beginning with this idea of fences, as boundaries, as places where we welcome each other in, or create further divisions.  Melvin is applying for a grant with 'Art for Science Rising' which would enable funds for a more permanent installation, we are crossing our fingers!

This week also brought us into conversation with another local innovator, seeking to create a locally sourced building material utilizing two common industrial byproducts, and a plan for cross over into artistic creations with same materials.  I'm intentionally being vague, as the process is still in feasibility, and seeking investment!  This idea of entrepreneurship, craftsmanship, innovation, unsiloed potentials between utilitarian and artisanal goods--that's a seed for what Inspired: Art at Work in all about.  Developing niches, digging into the unexpected, to help our community move towards more independent and prosperous economy!

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