Mary Hockenberry


Fine Art Photographer Mary Hockenbery, represented in galleries in the southwestern U.S., in collections internationally, and in many private homes, captures with her lens artifacts of human existence and elements of nature, translating them through her unique world view into images at once striking, symbolic and charming.

Graphic manipulations and interesting textures give a painterly quality to Mary’s thought-provoking and sometimes eerie iconography.  From an original image or images, Mary builds layers in Photoshop, mixing visual elements, blending and erasing textures, working with color and composition as if on a canvas.

Her photograph Tattoo was selected in 2008 for Tate Modern’s book “Street or Studio,” a history of photographic portraiture that included some of the world’s leading photographers. In 2007, also in England, Mary’s image Arroyo Seating became the signature piece in Norwich Arts Centre’s exhibition and book “Abandoned Chairs,” depicting chairs in unusual settings from photographers around the world. A number of her images have also been published in JPG, Texas Observer, and Doll Collector magazines. 

In addition to her international successes, Mary has won awards in regional shows in Colorado and New Mexico, and shown in juried exhibitions in the Harwood Museum in Taos, NM,  the Studio Tour in Dixon, NM, and “El Corazon” at Eclectic Expressions in Arlington, TX.

In the fall of 2013 Mary bought an old church in Hotchkiss, Colorado and transformed it into an art gallery, the Church of Art. It houses her work and a community gallery that features themed non-juried all ages group shows every two months.