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Four new accomplished residents! We're thrilled to introduce to you Amy Katz, Chelsea Rowe, Dawn Rains and Sonya Burke. We're welcoming them to our beautiful snowy valley on January 5th, starting 6pm with artist presentations at 7pm. Bring a dish to share and get ready to be inspired.


Amy Katz
Amy has been painting in oil and acrylic since 1998. She got her B.A. in Fine Art from the Evergreen State College where her work was informed by ‘The Intensive Journal Process’ by Ira Progoff, a student of Carl Jung. While Amy plans to continue drawing forth images and painting, she is also working on a series of nature-based prayer pieces, incorporating collected materials from nature, woodwork, crafts and writing. 

Chelsea Rowe
"I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida as the youngest member of a happy, loving family of five weirdos. My artistic upbringing and my love of theater and visual arts translated into my decision to pursue a BFA in Drawing from the University of Florida. My thesis as a senior was inspired by my own family dynamic and how I as the only daughter of an only daughter fit into this succession of strong matriarchal women. I created masks using textile, yarn, and other traditional crafting materials that through performance became a cast of characters that was a supplemental family unit while I was away from my real one. Documentation through video and photography of these performances served as reference for two-dimensional portrait paintings in gouache of this “family” I had created."

After graduating in spring of 2015, Chelsea has been working in this same cycle-style of mask-making and performance that leads to two-dimentional work. Her current series is my reaction to her own struggles with severe anxiety and is a projection of "how I wish I felt inside of my own head." She created several flat circular masks with absurd faces to become a set of characters bathing in a sea of marzipan fruits, illustrated again as a set of portrait paintings. At Elsewhere, she plans to continue working in this same style of mask-making that leads to fantastical portraiture. 

Dawn Rains
Dawn Rains always enjoyed art, especially oil painting, and studied Graphic Design in college but realized that sitting in front of a computer screen in an office wasn't for her. She had discovered a love for nature from an early age growing up in Marble, CO and became enthralled with all that grows while farming. This became an obsession and highest form of express-able creativity when introduced to biodynamics, working with the elemental beings to grow food in the most beautiful way possible. Growing has become her art and her business, Living Soil Gardens, has consumed time and creative energy. She is looking forward to the residency at Elsewhere Studios to come back into oil painting and perhaps find the elementals willing to come onto canvas…

Sonya Burke
Sonya Burke is a self proclaimed writer, costumer, and visual artist! She loves art that moves, screams, runs off the canvas, gyrates with a rhythm, captures an audience and holds em for ransom, and some art that simply exists in its own beautiful world far from this one. Her greatest work of art she has ever created has nothing to do with the work itself, it is the way that she made it. Sometimes she paints naked sipping peppermint tea, sometimes she twirls wildly about yelling the verses of a new poem, and sometimes she sits wrapped up in a sweater and cries over lost love as she strings hundreds of leaves together with thread. From time to time she indulges in facilitating space for other children and adult children as they build their own creative momentum.

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