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February Resident's Open House!

Meet the Rezies

The residency is brimming with creativity this month! Check out what the residents are working on during their stay at Elsewhere. The open house will feature works in progress by visual artists Amy Katz and Chelsea Rowe, songs by musician and songwriter Clay Hamilton and readings by author Lorena Williams. Bring a treat, wine and a friend Thursday February 25th to Elsewhere.

       Chelsea Rowe

This month has been a bit of a continuation of my collection of illustrated memories consisting of family and friends who I no longer see on a daily basis, with works on paper that act as a record of this very important chapter in my life. However, my work recently has also been an slow transition out of my memorial illustrations of the past few years that were centered around community into a sort of self-empowered theatrical display of collage and other two-dimensional works on paper. I am re-introducing textile into my process, and I am using fabric as a means to create characters that serve as the subjects for new two-dimensional pieces. 



                                  Clay Hamilton

 "You are a child of the times!

Blaze of hope, deluge of spite

Dreaming up forests of pine

dusting the planet, destroying divide

but people hide so deep inside

their bodies curl around old lies

Bent over like a snowy branch."

Being a young adult today is to be a living contradiction; to feel the terrible paradox between one's idealism and one's (dare I say) incapability to actualize righteousness. Child of the Times is a musical work- in -progress poetically gesturing towards the hopeful, agonized, and vice driven young adult whilst unraveling my own cynicism and hunger. While I intend to have a formal concert at the end of my residency in March, I invite the community to hear where I'm at now, as well as to listen to recent recordings soon to be released on my first EP "Cages of Light." Check out my music at

Lorena Williams

15 years have passed since I forced my feet into the stiff leather of new fire boots for the first time. That pair of boots is hardly recognizable now, cracked and worn beyond salvaging. This transformation is not unlike my changed perceptions of life as a firefighter and of wildfire itself. My memoir, titled "Firestorm: One Woman's Story of Life, Death, and Politics as a Wildland Firefighter" delves into the chaos and beauty of life on the line. 

Amy Katz

I am working on a series of oil paintings centered around prayer and the feminine, and a collection of ceramic Jewish ritual items. Do have a look at my most recent blog post at

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