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August Meet & Greet

Meet the New Residents

Friday, August 5th              6 to 8 PM

Meet the newest artists in residence at Elsewhere!

   Mingle from 6 to 7

   Artist talks from 7 to 8.

See below for more information on the new artists!


Nina Semczuk (Sem’chuck) 

Nina is a writer, yoga teacher, and an outdoor enthusiast. Originally from upstate New York, Nina lived in various parts of the world while serving in the U.S. Army. Currently, she's in the process of moving her life from Texas to Brooklyn, New York where she'll pursue a career in the creative arts.

While at Elsewhere, Nina will be working on essays exploring her journey as an Army officer as well as the broader theme of millennials serving in today’s all volunteer military.  “As an officer who did not grow up in a military household, I have the unique perspective as one from outside of the military subculture, to one within it. I’m fascinated by the common themes that are present from military service one hundred years ago, until now. My writing aims to modernize women’s stories and identities as members of the military. I hope to create a conversation about what it means to be a modern woman veteran today.”



Jacob Minter

Jacob has been active in music, theatre, and musical theatre from a young age, specializing in Jazz, Pop/Rock, and Contemporary music as well as comedic live performances and musical theatre. In addition to his solo piano/guitar/vocal performances, Jake occasionally fronts for various bands in the Ithaca, New York and central Vermont areas, and arranges and directs for small ensembles inside and outside the music education world. In addition to performing, he is an active composer/arranger and sound designer/editor for musical theatre, film, and web content. A graduate of Ithaca College’s School of Music’s Composition program, he is currently based in the New York City area. Jake is a skilled vocalist with a range branching from the classical power baritone to the power pop/rock tenor, and has 14 years of piano training. He also has minimal training on Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukelele, Trombone, Pitched Percussion, Drums, and various ethnic instruments (including Pan Pipes, Ocarina, Djembe, and Udu).

His primary focus in music has been the expression of concepts not easily articulated by traditional means, and often concern socio-political issues, issues of identity, problems of superstition and religion, and the human perceptions and understandings of the natural world. While lyrical content may articulate ideas, it is the ultimate fusion of sounds arising from the human voice and the wide array of musical tools that can make an idea manifest in a far deeper emotional connection. The oral and musical traditions of humanity are some of our best sources for education as well as inspiration, and Jake hopes to continue that tradition and ensure that history is not only remembered, but felt in a way that can maintain human connection.

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