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November "Meet-n-Greet"

Come learn about Elsewhere's November artists-in-residence! They will be sharing about their work, process ,and ideas.

LANE MINGYU SHI is a sound designer, composer and multi-media/interactive artist born in China, residing in NY. As a troubadour/performer with a background of mountain chest singing, she is also the producer and confessor of solo project Otay:onii, as well as vocalist of experimental bands Dent and Elizabeth Colour Wheel. During her time at Elsewhere residency, Lane is going to explore the linguistic impact in one self’s expressions in a musical setting with 3 songs in Chinese and 3 songs in English. In the meanwhile, learning and practicing painting for these songs in a concept of double identities.

STEVIANN MATIJEVIC is a multimedia installation artist working in the Greater New York Area. She holds a BFA from The College of New Rochelle, graduating Suma Cum Laude, and an Associates in Science from Naugatuck Valley Community College. Her work has been shown in multiple group and solos shows in Chelsea, NY, Winston-Salem, NC, and Los Angeles, CA. She recently has been signed to The Elizabeth Baldwin Gallery in Los Angelos, California, where her work has been highlighted through the gallery on ArtNet and Artsy. Human behavior has always been fascinating to me. Through creating installations, I find our bodies’ are manipulated and minds tricked by the stimulation of almost all of the senses confined into a space. My practice is a combination of mixed media and behavioral psychology. 

CHELSEA ROWE is a multimedia artist working in painting, drawing, installation, sound, textile and performance. She received her BFA in Drawing from the University of Florida and her MFA in multidisciplinary art from the Mount Royal School of Art at MICA. She has shown work in Florida, Maryland, and Colorado, and has been awarded a fellowship to attend the Vermont Studio Center. Chelsea has also published a creative writing piece entitled On Flooding Green. Using the transformative and transportational qualities of sound, performance, costume and installation, and the way these elements can grow and be inspired by each other, I create neo-primordial, Floridian landscape-inspired environments in which costumed performances are able to take place. These environments are built using traditional stagecraft, video projection, painting, and drawing.

ALESSANDRO MAIONE is a composer currently based in Connecticut. He is formally trained in composition from The Berklee College of Music where his interest in unorthodox
notation led him to his further studies at Suffolk University in philosophy. Alessandro studied under composer Keith Kramer, and philosophers Janet Chwalibog, Donna Giancola, and
Montgomery Link.During his time spent in Boston, Massachusetts, Alessandro pioneered the underground punk venue XENOGOGUE, which later promoted his band GAMMAPOPE; an experimental noise rock orchestra which later was recognized by The Boston Hassle. Currently, Alessandro is interested in manifesting a pragmatic approach to standard and
unorthodox music notation which transgresses sound and transcends the inevitable by creating scores that seek a dialogue.

MATTHEW COUPER: I am interested in using notions of the anachronistic to create work that is familiar in the perspective of art history, which also nods toward the idea of history repeating. Aesthetically, I patina my current work as though it could’ve come out of an undiscovered church in Spain or Mexico. I like to scar the paintings with marks that hint at a prior history. At present, I utilize statistics of water use, projected dates of how much water is left, contrasted with symbols of power and religious icons to compose painting by finding appropriate means through pattern recognition. The anomaly of using contemporary landscapes with historical forms or symbols is an attempt to bring together the past with the present, creating artworks that, although may look old, can only exist now.
Although I subscribe to Anton Chekhov’s maxim of ‘The role of the artist is to ask questions, not answer them’, I still believe that art can pique people’s interest socially, politically and environmentally to create awareness about specific global issues and the 'social currency' of such things.

Light Snacks + beverages provided. 6PM-8PM 107 3rd St, Paonia. Bring a friend!

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