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The Road to Athabasca: 1000 miles of peddling, pipelines & pilgrimage

The Road to Athabasca

A journey of 1,000 miles to follow a pipeline, a kind heart like hers, with a creative mind full music and writing. Her talent and good thoughts, her care for the environment, what led her to a pilgrimage to bring Tar sands home. “Thousands of people trying to heal land, if the land is sick, people will be sick too”.
— Paonia Leadership Academy

Cassidy Lehrman interview at event:

PELA (Paonia Experiential Leadership Academy) Is this your first time at Elsewhere?

CL: “This is about my fourth time coming to the events. I have been coming for about a year and a half.”

PELA: What do you like most about the events? What keeps you coming back?

CL: “I like the community most, I think these events bring together the community and art. It’s always very inspirational.”

PELA: How did you find out about Elsewheres events?

CL: “I find out about these events through the radio, flyers, or other people.”

PELA: "Why do you value having Elsewhere as part of the community?

CL: “I value that it brings art and culture that you only get from a big city, and I love the wide variety of arts that this place brings.”

PELA: Do you have any other feedback or comments for Elsewhere?

“More events, would be great. Also some sort of catalogue to look at everyones past art, to support them.

Elsewhere's February resident, Erika Lundahl, shares stories and multimedia video of connection from The Road to Athabasca, a 1000-mile bicycle pilgrimage along the Trans Mountain oil pipeline to the tar sands of Northern Alberta. The pilgrimage, which features dozens of interviews collected during her travels, are the subject of her artist residency this month. During her time here she will be working on a song series & multimedia book project called “THUNDERLAND” exploring land sovereignty, energy infrastructure, and personal transformation through the ritual of pilgrimage

Erika Lundahl is a Seattle-based multimedia writer and musician navigating the climate crisis. Her writing has appeared in YES! Magazine, Truthout!, among others. A classically-trained vocalist, she weaves heart forward, original lyrics with words of women poets of past eras. Her albums include “Songs of Shattering” and “Brambles.”

Join Elsewhere Studios from 6:30-8PM on February 8th! Light snacks and beverages will be provided. Bring a friend.

Earlier Event: February 6
Twin Peaks Tuesday