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Infinite Cantaloupes: Group Exhibition

It is March 29th and Elsewhere is hosting its monthly Open studio event. This month’s show is called “Infinite Cantaloupe” featuring artists Xiaofu Wang, Margaret Hester, Stephanie Kranstover, and Yifan Renxu. There is art ranging from photography sculpture to organic ceramics to abstract paintings.

Elsewhere feels welcoming and upbeat tonight. There is unique and beautiful art to admire and enjoy with the many people who are here. It is a time and place to enjoy the creativity and company of others.

Taylor Hawk loves coming to Elsewhere’s events. “It is the only place in town where this kind of thing is happening on a regular basis.”

Tim Kelly feels that Elsewhere is making a positive contribution the our local community. “It’s great how they are always bringing new artists to the community to share their work.”

Hannah Rose always leaves these Elsewhere events feeling inspired. “This is a wonderful cultural event for people to come to. It brings the visual arts to the people and inspires them.”
— Media Interns

a group exhibition by March artists-in-residence:

iaofu Wang is a painter who was born in Wuhan China and currently works in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BFA in photography from China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing and her MFA at MICA in the LeRoy E Hoffberger School of Painting. She has a bird’s perspective, allowing her to merge cultures into investigations. “Painting is how I translate the world into meaning. I’d utilize Elsewhere’s natural surroundings, texture and structure to filter out the intense qualities of my work, so as to forgo my expectations with what this environment gives me.”

argaret Hester graduated with her MFA in studio art from Florida State University in 2016. She previously worked as a copy editor, graphic designer and photographer/photojournalist for over six years. In addition, she also worked as a concert photographer, photographing major musical artists and the traveling festival culture. “My photographic sculptures of abstracted landscapes utilize digitally altered photographs and geometric shapes to explore the complex world of the human perception while aiming to challenge the traditional ways of viewing photography. Through the active participation of the viewer, the work is ever shifting, elevating questions about what one identifies as reality and commenting on our continuously changing environmental surroundings. I see geometry as a visual language. As I explore this language, I try to discover a vocabulary that speaks of the deep connection we feel to our own personal reality.”

ifan Renxu was born in China and has been living in Rhode Island for the past two years where he just graduated with an MFA in Ceramics at RISD. While at Elsewhere, he is working on various clay techniques such as suspending clay on rope and incorporating unique materials. He is inspired by his experiences in life and artists including: Hans Bellmer, Louise Bourgeois, and Francis Bacon. "I am enjoying playing with clay in different ways. Now I am engaging on building my pieces on the ropes but not from the ground. I let the gravity shape the form to find the balance between nature, clay, and human”

Stephanie Kranstover was born in El Progreso, Honduras, and is currently living in Virginia. During her time at Elsewhere Studios she wants to keep her artwork cohesive, and make a final installation. Stephanie is interested in growth and fungi, and she works to combine both of them into one clay figure. 

Photos by PELA + Margaret Hester