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Organic Transmutations: Group Art Show

In a room full of thriving people, chatting away about their lives. The music sets a mysterious mood full of wonder. Art filling and lining each wall, all unique in their own way. It’s a cheerful place to be and socialize with our community.
— PELA Media Interns

Ola Sun read poetry to an intimate crowd. Everyone listened silent and attentive. Ola inspired us all with her moving words, “our worthies and our not sos”, “aloneness never happened. It’s a human kind of discombobulating”. Her poetry was rich  in imagery and surrealistic juxtaposition. Her joyous uplifting thoughts combined with gut wrenching disturbances, Her cadence and rhythm keep us waiting for each word. “Lyrically stunning” says Jamie. “Beautifully soulful” seid Michelle.

Emma Balder produced some intricate and engaging abstract abstract fiber paintings. The  work incorporated fine bits of colorful fiber meticulously adhered to a smooth white surface. She enhances the effect of the algae-like appearance of the matted fibers by drawing with fine pen and graphite. The forms seem like small underwater creatures swimming in all directions.

Yifan Renxu produced an outstanding ceramic piece. The piece was draped over a rope inside a wooden cube armature. The pale, glossy, organic form seems like flesh or anatomical on its own, but he also covered the surface in simple drawings of a tortured monstrous figure. The style references  asian erotic paintings from the early Qing dynasty. This is truly an emotionally charged work.

Stephanie Kranstover approached some of her trademark forms, and explored a few new ones. Slippery ceramic seaweed forms floating above a log.

Elsewhere Studio's April artists-in-residence will be hosting their final show this Friday at 6PM: "Organic Transmutations" will feature mixed media works by Yifan Renxu, Stephanie Kranstover, Emma Balder + Ola Sun! 

Ola Sun is first and foremost a student of life, and lover of people, ideas, and artistic expression. S/he adamantly believes that true power is in the heart; and only through compassion for all other beings, whom we need to care for and protect, can we achieve social political balance on this planet. Ola grew up on the East coast, and has been in Colorado for 5 years; almost 3 of which have been happily in Paonia. S/he has studied psychology, bodywork, shamanism, philosophy, and art. Ola is currently working on a writing project that deals with these subject matters, called Meta. This work will be the culmination of many years of meditation, contemplative inquiry, and theoretical development. S/he is also a visual artist, often working in abstract, figurative, and impressionist styles.

Stephanie Kranstover was born in El Progreso, Honduras, and is currently living in Virginia. During her time at Elsewhere Studios she wants to keep her artwork cohesive, and make a final installation. Stephanie is interested in growth and fungi, and she works to combine both of them into one clay figure. Stephanie is on her fourth month of a 6-month long residency and thinks Paonia is a wonderful place. “I come from a Suburb, very city like and not many people are super friendly and you can forget about nature and seasons very easily there. But in Paonia you can take it all in, and everyone is very nice and open minded.”

Yifan Renxu (basement) was born in China and has been living in Rhode Island for the past two years where he just graduated with an MFA in Ceramics at RISD. While at Elsewhere, he is working on various clay techniques such as suspending clay on rope and incorporating unique materials. He is inspired by his experiences in life and artists including: Hans Bellmer, Louise Bourgeois, and Francis Bacon. “ I am enjoying playing with clay in different ways. Now I am engaging on building my pieces on the ropes but not from the ground. I let the gravity shape the form to find the balance between nature, clay, and human

Emma Balder is a New England-bred visual artist with a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Emma was awarded a Staff Artist Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center and was recently named a finalist of the Peripheral Vision Arts Foundation Prize Fellowship. Emma Balder’s sustainable art practice focuses on recontextualizing wasted material in an effort to preserve the natural environment and raise awareness of excessive waste. Manipulating and repurposing the studio waste she generates, as well as that from other makers, counteracts the instant gratification of mass production and consumption of the modern world. Through exploring and accentuating the colors and contours found in nature, she turns every mark into one with intention, weaving a colorful glimpse of reality with visions of a contemporary, sustainable world.

Light beverages + snacks will be provided! See ya'll there!

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