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July "Meet-n-Greet"

A very special Elsewhere Studios "Meet-n-Greet"! Along with our usual program we will be introducing the local and visiting artists from Inspired: Art at Work:

Bringing 2 visiting artists and 2 local artists to socially engaged projects in summer 2018. Working closely with scientists, and policy-makers, and five local partner organizations, Citizens for a Healthy Community, Western Slope Conservation Center, Farm and Food Alliance, Solar Energy International, and North Fork Valley Creative Coalition, artists will create socially-engaged works that explore and address selected environmental, cultural, social, and economic issues vital to preserving the natural world and the quality of life and sense of place in the North Fork Valley. These collaborations and a final symposium are designed to broadly engage community dialog on concerns vital to the future of this rural area.

Living in rural northwest Ireland has given Anna a strong interest in communities undergoing rapid change through climate change and post industrialisation. Her work of the last seven years, ‘Water Conversations,’ has taken place in nine countries; the collaborative aspect of the work has led to working partnerships with artists, scientists, cultural geographers, activists, engineers and local historians. She has received numerous artistic awards and residencies.

She works in sculpture, social actions, writings, and visuals.

John is an international artist nurturing community dialog on a meaning of ecology relevant to society. He typically up-cycles materials that have passed their traditional use. He has created public art exhibitions for over 14 years, and has become increasingly involved with works that highlight ecological concerns and interconnectedness of systems.
In 2017, he completed a major site‐specific project, Curbing Entropy, in Siem Reap, Cambodia, highlighting plastic pollution in partnership with several local environmental NGO’s. The sculpture, composed of 10,000 reclaimed single use plastic bottles, was exhibited twice. First at 1961 Art Hotel, then displayed inside the International Arrivals terminal of the Siem Reap Airport, near Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Curbing Entropy highlighted the issue of plastic pollution to thousands of tourists per day.

I entered the art world through the side door. My degree is in biology--in college I studied parasites--but it became clear that my passion is visual communication. 
For this project, I will work in collaboration with John Steele, and Matt Jenkins, fellow educators & screenwriters from Montrose. I will create two films: The first is a short film documenting the artists at Elsewhere as they pursue socially engaged artworks. The second, is a short film documenting the history of extractive industries in our valley.

Tanya and Christine plan to create a live multimedia dance to, generate awareness and response on Bureau of Land Management's decision to open up nearly 20,000 acres of federal and private mineral estate near Paonia to oil and gas leases, including developing up to 146 natural gas wells. The movement ritual will be performed on site, in beautiful areas that sustain the valley. The performance will include contemporary, ancient, and ethnic movement, and Anna Halprin's "RSVP Cycles” methodology for creative collaboration.

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Ren received a BA in Literature from Bard College, where he became serious about writing fiction and was fortunate enough to be mentored by novelists Mary Lee Settle and William Gaddis. He will be working on a project based on a fictionalized account of the life of Confederate artillerist John Pelham and his near metaphysical relationship with General Robert E. Lee, “The Gallant Pelham Series” focuses on how the sexual exploitation of the antebellum plantation system led to the death and destruction of the Civil War. Rather than dwell on battles and military strategy, as does so much “traditional” Civil War fiction, the books examine issues of race, sexuality, and the destructive pathology of machismo.

Kelly has been making films since 1998. Her films focus on themes of class, gender, women's roles and more recently, anxiety, especially in relationship to our increasingly frenetic urban lifestyles and information overload existence. Her work has screened nationally and internationally and has won various awards. Several of her film projects have received support from the Queens Council on the Arts and The New York State Council on the Arts, and she was a New York Foundation on the Arts Fellow in 2005. She works at Brooklyn College as the Technology Manager and teaches Sound Design and Experimental Cinema. She has her own audio and video production and post-production company named KinoPixel. She earned an M.F.A. in Integrated Media Arts in December 2014 from Hunter College.
"I use moving images with an awareness of the power of visual media to shape our sense of identity, to frame history and shape culture. I reconstruct meaning, often by appropriating media from various contexts (pop, industrial, scientific) in order to repurpose those “signs” for alternative meaning. The found images in my work still communicate their older contexts, while simultaneously reopening them to newly understood truths. I deploy subtle humor and focus on the emotional, or more hidden feelings of cultural anxiety, tension and alienation in my work."

6-8PM Blue Sage, 228 Grand Ave., Paonia, CO
Light snacks and beverages provided