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September "Meet-n-Greet"

Join us for September's artist-in-residence "Meet-n-Greet". We are happy to welcome five new artists working on unique projects: 

As a female and Midwest native, family traditions and constructed gender roles influenced her to question the idea of traditional painting. Through the use of the basic elements of design, Tiffany translates the history of craft traditions and women’s work in the Midwest into a contemporary painting context. By using nostalgic colors from her childhood, knitting and sewing techniques, found materials, gravity and manipulating canvas in an unconventional way, her current work is challenging both the realms of painting and installation.

Anna Welch is a graduate of Maine College of Art with a BFA in Printmaking and a desire to further explore how art can create social change, especially through collaborative processes and circus arts.Her work has taken many shapes: from giant charcoal drawings to shadow puppetry, moving panoramas called “Crankies,” to collaborative murals and tiny watercolor illustrations. She sometimes even throws in to her visual art her love of performance and spectacle through singing, juggling, and banjo.

From the Netherlands, Jolanda is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Arendonk, Belgium with much experience in saggar firing in electric kilns. She is fascinated by old objects; objects that are created spontaneously by humans or created by nature and elements. Taking inspiration from Wabi Sabi - a Japanese aesthetic that sees the beauty in what is imperfect, aged, humble and authentic , Jolanda specializes in saggar firing because of its lack of control and unique outcomes that ties to her relationship with Wabi Sabi.

Henry Kunkel (painter) and Alessandro Maione (sound artist) are a collaborative team investigating the mythology of the cicada’s archetype of the reckless immortal. As Henry creates graphic scores, Alessandro will be making experimental sounds and composing music which will translate into explore the sounds from the alien perspective of the cicada throughout their life cycles.

6:00PM - 8:00PM Artist presentations starting at 7:00. Light snacks and beverages provided

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Later Event: September 8
Saggar Firing Workshop Part I