Executive director   CAROLINA PORRAS

Carolina Porras is excited to be director after joining Elsewhere Studios as Program Manager in 2017. She was a resident two years in a row, summer of 2013-14 and being a resident facilitated pivotal experiences that not only challenged and expanded her artistic practice, but was central in shifting the direction of her life. After Carolina left Elsewhere as a resident, she was inspired to continue pursuing different roles that helped promote art within communities. The profound effects of this can be seen within the co-creation of Piney Wood Atlas, a country-wide artist residency research project conceptualized with another former Elsewhere resident. Carolina brings her extensive knowledge of artist residencies as well as a special enthusiasm for Elsewhere and Paonia. She is 2018-19 recipient of Alliance of Artist Communities Diversity + Leadership Fellowship.

"I believe artist residencies are essential in creating a supportive and fertile environment for artists to transcend to new levels in their work, facilitating growth and gaining new perspectives not only for the artist but also the surrounding community.”

Website: pineywoodatlas.com