Landon Newton

Landon Newton is a multi-media artist primarily working in photography. While at Elsewhere she began a series of portraits entitled, The Matriarch Specific, an ongoing project documenting women and their families. She is currently living in Somerville, MA while completing a pos-baccalaureate degree at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work can be seen at  

Felipe Campuzano Montoya

Felipe Campuzano Montoya is an Architect and Photographer from Medillin, Columbia.
He is working on a project called Landscape In Mutation  “Mankind in his expansion has distorted his surroundings in search of comfort, and control over the space; Nature in turn adapts to the changed environment, just as when the human hand leaves a place, it is quickly absorbed by nature imposing itself on top of what has been manmade. The two forces changing the landscape.

I understand what has been built as time passing over the landscape, that's how mankind constructs or expands the environment, the cities, the constant change of landscape from urban centers due to the dizzying industrialization, and jungles in their slow expansion. Is not my interest to put them on the same line, but to find the common features they have, their geometric and aesthetic similarities.”

You can see images of his work here:

Mat  Dubé

I'm Mat Dubé.  I work as a multi-disciplinary visual artist, which is a fancy way of saying that I don't stick to making just one type of art.  I am usually working on a painting, a couple of drawings and often have a sculpture lying around waiting to be finished.  I work on my art projects in a seemingly disorganized and inefficient way, but it satisfies my need to always be making something new and it has also allowed me to get to know each medium really well.  I do a little of everything, but most pieces end up being figurative with a surreal twist.  

A common theme in my art is the power of the subconscious to control our actions, and our tendency to ignore important issues in order to preserve our level of personal comfort.  My work has been shown in galleries across my hometown of Ottawa, Canada for over 10 years and has more recently been shown in Toronto, Montreal and Cincinnati.  I've been supported by the Ontario Art Council and was part of the Artist-in-Residence program at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado in 2013.

In the past year I've made a huge effort to get rid of excess distractions in my life so that I can focus on making art.  I'm now living in a tiny apartment with no phone, working only enough to keep myself housed and fed so that I have more time to make art.  The new pieces I've been creating are watercolour paintings that incorporate sketches and photos of sculptures I've made using clay.  I hope you like them.

Link to blog posting and video about Elsewhere Residency: 

Laura Scandrett

Laura Scandrett is a process based artist who works exclusively in charcoal. Her drawings on paper have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and her first public installation drawing with charcoal directly on the wall was recently exhibited at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village, CO. While in residency at Elsewhere, Laura is completing a commissioned work for Lotusland, a public garden in Montecito, CA, as well as drawing trees in and around Paonia, while anxiously awaiting spring. She also continues to work on her series of circle drawings, exploring light, space and transcendentalism.
Laura grew up in St. Louis, MO, spending summers at her family's cabin in southern Colorado, received her BA from Amherst College and has studied with artists, including John Baldessari, Judy Pfaff, James Drake, Fred Tomaselli and Gary Simmons. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.  


Diana Naccarato

I use non-figurative imagery to understand notions of growth, emergence, and becoming. Areas of concentrated mark disperse into areas of vacant solemnity or overwhelm the surface with a consuming persistence. The emphasis is on mark and how individual marks convene to form something larger. These works are as much lively celebrations as they are somber meditations.   

Visit for more!

Victoria Reynolds

Victoria Reynolds is visiting Elsewhere Studios from Portland, OR. She recently graduated with an MFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where her focus was painting.  As of the last several years, the style of her paintings has been mainly abstract, exploring figurative/landscape/portrait through abstraction.

“My paintings on paper, as opposed to the organic, abstracted environs I creates on panel, are a series of contemplative characters.  They are a community of individuals, which function within the surface of the painting as living satellites: innate, intimate, and complex, visually shifting in and out of themselves.  They have become a way for me to translate my thoughts into simple, yet complex visual statements. I am continuing to research, as I work with my current process, the many meanings of personal symbolism, mythology, and geometry. “ 

Melissa Sclafani

Melissa grew up on Long Island (pronounced Lawn-Guyland), New York in an Italian-American family where each Sunday dinner was at 3 pm with just her immediate family - 30 some-odd-people. Her large, loud family has triggered her desire to work with communities and her dancing background made her very aware of the human body and its limits.

She received her BFA in sculpture from SUNY New Paltz in 2009. She completed works at Franconia Sculpture Park in Franconia, Minnesota and Salem Art Works in Salem, New York. She's participated in residencies across the country including Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado, The Contemporary Artists Center in Troy, NY and The Visitor Center in Ewen, MI. She has exhibited work across the US and currently resides in Brooklyn where she has a studio residency at Wayfarers.

She is the grant writer and fundraiser for ArtShape Mammoth, a national collective whose mission is to enhance contemporary arts dialog by supporting the development of artists and connecting them with new communities.

Melissa can be found teaching herself new computer programs, tap dancing in her studio and running around Brooklyn with her pup, Rufus Baby Girl.


Jamie Gibson

Having Graduated from Chester University in 2009 with a degree in Fine Art; Jamie Gibson has spent his time travelling between studios in Kingston upon Hull, New York and Berlin. This has seen his work flourish and transform from one city to another. A strong opinion that experience and wealth of culture can greatly benefit ones creative outlet is expressed through small and large- scale abstracts, uniting bold gestures and subtle brushstrokes to create daring yet satisfying compositions.
“The artists’ greatest tool is a new light.”
Jamie is a member of the Kingston Art Group in his home town of Kingston upon Hull, and works within a great community of dedicated painters, sculptors, poets and designers. 

Carolyn Porras

Carolyn Porras is an artist based in San Francisco but originally from the swamps of Florida. In her artwork she creates fabricated universes that are inspired by theories of the infinite. During her time at Elsewhere she will further investigate structures of the universe, holographic realities, and paradoxes of time and space. 

John Osburn and Megan Yankee 

John Osburn and Megan Yankee (Ohio) first collaborated in the summer of 2011 for John’s thesis project housed by the Sonic Arts Research Center in Northern Ireland, where he later received his MA in Sonic Arts. Megan graduated earlier this year from Texas Woman’s University with her MFA in Dance. Currently residing in Columbus, Ohio, they are both Visiting Professors in the Dance Department at Denison University. Currently, they are focused on defining the nature of their improvised creative process in performance. Fueled by their shared interests in performance art, sketch comedy, and independent music, John and Megan aim to create a light-hearted, multi-facetted performance experience.

Alicia Toldi

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in fine art, lived in Brooklyn for the past year, and have just returned to live in San Francisco. My work is an investigation of time and memory, and how we as humans make sense of these intangible concepts by associating them with concrete objects. I am captivated by the properties of nature in relation to time, both in its timeless grandeur and its delicate transience. I examine the idea of personal and collective “relics”, and the roles they play in the discourse between past and present, as well as the difference between recollection and imagination. I also explore our own relationships with nature as children and adults, as well as the tension between childhood and adulthood.

I employ a mixed-media approach to surface and technique: I include paper, cloth, and ceramic, pencil drawing, matte medium transfer, printmaking, and mold making. I attempt to use medium and technique to further my ideas: I often use photography as a part of my process because of its intrinsic nature as a testimony to memory, decay, and existence.

At Elsewhere, I completed a series of detailed graphite drawings on antique photo album paper called “Everything Must Go.” I also documented my time there with my 35mm camera, taking photographs with expired film whose age augmented the images.

Dena Afrasiabi

Dena Afrasiabi is a writer whose work has appeared in Prick of the Spindle, Kartika Review, The Literary Bohemian and the anthology Tremors: New Fiction by Iranian-American Writers, among others. She co-edits the online journal Elsewhere with the poet Nandini Dhar and is currently pursuing a PhD in Middle Eastern Languages and cultures at the University of Texas at Austin. 

Miles Lewis

Miles Lewis is an LA-based artist focused in painting, printmaking, and drawing. He has directed a community educational studio since 2009. He is committed to establishing a print studio in the San Fernando Valley.  As an artist, he is concerned with breaking mysterious subject matter into component parts that he embodies with different mediums. This mode is an expansive catch-all for his interests in formal and symbolic invention, as well as implied narrative. Accordingly, as a teacher, his objective is to develop the most efficient methods for turning images into engines for metaphorical association.