Claudia Bokulich

Claudia is a figurative painter based in Philadelphia. She received her BFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art in 2015, and currently shows at galleries in Philadelphia and New York. Her figurative paintings and drawings grapple with the concepts of love, lust, good and evil. She considers feelings of power and ecstasy, but also of guilt, isolation, and longing. In her figures, she strives to express vulnerability, but also dominance. She hopes to address an emotive and often sinister quality in her work. She's constantly questioning the profundity of human emotion, and the things we do for ourselves and others to satisfy, or to introduce consequence to our human drives and desires.


Robin Grearson

Robin Grearson is a nonfiction writer and writing consultant; her essays and interviews have appeared in Hyperallergic, The New York Times, Brooklyn Rail, Cultural Weekly, Believer Logger and other publications. She writes about artists, art communities and hyper-gentrification, in New York City and elsewhere.

Artist Statement:

I write the questions I have about life, and lately, truth and “truth.” Drafting an essay feels like uncovering in these questions the logic of an equation. I try to push language to show the work and, maybe, solve for X. 

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"After my first week at Elsewhere, I asked about extending my stay, or coming back. Other residents in my group felt the same way. Paonia’s morning light and mountain views are unbeatable creative tools, but there may be no better muse in the world than Elsewhere’s cat-about-town, Tomatoes. " - Robin Grearson

Lauryn Welch

Lauryn (Red) Welch is a painter and performance artist from Peterborough, New Hampshire. She studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design, and received her BFA in 2015 from SUNY Purchase College. She explores relationships between pattern, color, and performance through painting, and is fascinated by how humans and animals use color and pattern as tools for disguise and display. She believes color is not simply a cosmetic application, but a lifestyle. Lauryn used her time (the month of April) at Elsewhere to collect new sets of marks and patterns that occur in the natural world. As a budding birder, she also feels the need to excitedly point out every magpie, raven, and buzzard while spending time in Paonia.


Kristina O’Connor

Born and raised in Upstate New York, Kristina graduated from Ithaca College with a BA in Art History. Studying abroad and traveling in London and Europe sparked infinite artistic passions. Her MA in Illustration comes from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She works to nurture resilience, surrender, and have a good laugh along the way. Elsewhere offered an amazing opportunity for Kristina to share our human vulnerability in the artistic process and process of healing. The experience offered dedicated time to consider her professional direction, artistic career, and how to better function as a human being.


Alyson Davies

Alyson Davies is an interdisciplinary artist from the winter city of Edmonton, Alberta: a city grown on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in the wilds of the Canadian Prairies. She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2014 from the University of Alberta. Her practice delves into painting, print, and performance. She works in the artist collective, Tennis Club who guise as a famous sports team, but actually make art. 

Recently my work has pushed into realms concerning self portraiture, manifestation and the occult. Often I use my work as a means of magical persuasion, as if a painting were a spell. Subject regularly features matters of my life.


Macayli Hausmann

Oakland based interdisciplinary artist, Macayli Hausmann graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography. Hausmann came to Elsewhere to rethink her way of making. Working with quick sketch based self-given assignments and a selection of unfamiliar materials. Hausmann wanted to let go of her own control over the work and allow both material and environment to bare a large influence on her work. Altitude Sickness is using a post modern impressionist approach as the work is both circumstantial and impulsive.