Celia Roberts


Photography to me is a means of capturing a certain light that speaks to the heart as well as the eye.  My vision is to unite this light with color, texture, form and feeling in a way that the viewer will discover newly their own relationship with nature and with one another, as a global community.  Thus, my images place emphasis on the beauty and delicacy found in the natural world as well as the grace and dignity which I experience among people of other cultures.  

My formal photographic studies have been with renowned color photographers Ernst Haas, Eugene Richards and Chris Rainer at the Anderson Ranch Workshops in Snowmass, CO.

After traveling and photographing for a number of years in the U.S., India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Central and South America, I undertook a black and white study of farmworkers in 1992 for the Colorado Department of Migrant Health.  This study has become my life's work, unfolding through various exhibits and a series of bilingual calendars which honor these workers, their families, values and culture. 

If you are interested in contacting me, please fell free to do so at celia@paonia.com or 970-527-4457.  
You may view more of my images at www.celiaroberts.com.