Thank you for supporting Elsewhere Studios!

Elsewhere Studios, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, provides artists with uninterrupted time and a supportive and stimulating place to focus on their work. Since 2011, we have hosted over 200 artists from 14 different countries and 30 different states, ranging in mediums from visual artists, performers, sculptors, filmmakers, writers, and more!

Your contribution help us to keep our residencies affordable and sustainable. You will be assisting in giving artists something of the utmost importance: time + space. There are many ways to contribute!


June 2016 residents



  • Archer $1,000

  • Benevolent Angel $500

  • Visionary $200

  • Catalyst $100

  • Steward of Creativity $50

  • Friend of the Muses $25

Residency Patrons

Historically, many artists were able to create the great works we know today because of the support of patrons. At Elsewhere Studios, patrons have the opportunity to provide support at the highest level for an individual artist. They can select an artist they wish to support from the slate of upcoming artists. A private dinner with the artist during their residency will be scheduled.

  • One month patronage of artist/writer/composer $2000

  • Corporate Sponsorships

  • Three month residency for artist/writer/composer $6,000

  • Six month residency for artist/writer/composer $12,000

  • Year long space for multiple artists/writers/composers $24,000


Other Ways to Give

  • Equipment donations

  • Material donations (art supplies, food and beverages for receptions, furniture, household goods, garden supplies, etc.)

  • Off -site studio or residential space

  • Donated or discounted B&B or hotel rooms

  • Stock, bonds, or mutual funds

  • Real estate

  • Professional services

  • Catering

  • Accounting

  • Legal counsel

  • Construction

  • Landscaping

  • Graphic Design

  • PR Marketing consulting

  • Grant/PR writing

  • Photography and videography

  • Volunteer time on Elsewhere projects

    • Provide professional expertise in public relations, fundraising, web design

    • Serve as a juror to select residents

    • Mentor an artist

    • Get your hands dirty helping on Elsewhere projects

    • Apply to be a Board Member or Advisory Board Member


Wish List

  • Digital camera

  • Digital projector

  • Printing press

  • Woodshop tools

  • Stereo

  • Software such as Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft Office

  • Music recording equipment

To make a donation, please use the "DONATE" button above, or if you prefer,  print this FORM and mail a check to:

     Elsewhere Studios
     P.O. Box 926
     Paonia, CO 81428