INSPIRED Symposium & farm to table Tickets

Tickets now available for purchase Friday at Elsewhere Studios, Saturday at Paradise Theater, cash, check, credit card. 

Symposium Overview

Friday, August 24th

Morning       Pre-Symposium activities, advanced sign-up required:

  • 8:00-12   Eagle Rock Archaeological Site Walking Tour with Dave Noe
  • 10:00   Simple Shelter natural building visit & coffee with Doug Beall

11:00-3:00      Info. table at Elsewhere Studios

3-4:15            Register & Pick up tickets at Elsewhere Studios, last option to                                                      sign up for Saturday's farm to table meals.

4:30-5:30      Happy Hour at Elsewhere Studios

5:00              Potluck dinner at Elsewhere Studios

6:30-7:00         Opening Ceremony at The Paradise Theater

7:00-7:20   Carol Fleuckiger on Avenues of Socially Engaged Arts

7:30-9:40   Artist presentations:

                  Clara Pena-'Of Apples and Anthracite' 

                 Tanya Blacklight & Christine Palafox- 'Per(fumes) of Prayer'


Saturday August 25th

9:00-10:00   Artist presentation:  Anna Macleod-'Water Conversations,' Paonia

Banner and Mural plan:'Harvest the Rain', Performative: 'Walk North'

10:05-11:20  Keynote via Skype: Robin Wall Kimmerer

                  introduced by Dr. John Hausdoerffer, discussion and audience Q&A follow.

11:30-12:30 choice  Eugenia Bone, '10 Insights Into the Unseen World,' at Blue Sage

                      Brianne Cohen ‘Climate Justice and Forensic Aesthetics’ at The Paradise   

12:35-1:30        Blessed Foods, buffet lunch pickup at Town Hall, included in your ticket!

1:35-2:35        Basia Irland-’Reading the River’, Introduced by WSCC, audience Q&A.

2:40-4:00       Keynote Presenter: Woody Tasch and Slow Money 

                             introduced by Colorado Farm and Food

4:00-5:00   Artist presentation: John Melvin- 'Curbing Social Entropy.'

5:15-6:30     Visiting artists & presenters private reception

7:00-9:00     Farm to Table Dinners

  • Small Potatoes Farm w/Monica Whitaan (SOLD OUT)
  • Elderberry's w/Lea Petmezas (SOLD PUT)


9:30-10:55    Regina Lopez Whiteskunk speaking on 'Source of Inspiration,'

                     discussion with Paul Larmer from High Country News, and audience Q& A

11:05-12:20   Marissa Mommaerts, 'Building Resilient, Regenerative Communities & Economies' introduced by Citizens For a Healthy Community, discussion Shawn Gardiner from ENGAGE, and Boyd Boland, audience Q&A.

12:20-12:50   Closing Ceremony

12:50-1:15    Share your Symposium experience, feedback and surveys