Elsewhere is named after Stephen Hawking's "Map to Elsewhere". It is a visual map of relativity. For any given point in space-time, the two dimensional map outlines how space interacts with time under the constraint of the speed of light to limit the possible world lines. All the world lines represent the possible future and past from any given now in space-time. Everything outside of these world lines is Elsewhere, and cannot be experienced from that perspective. Elsewhere is the unreachable.

Time at Elsewhere Studios offers the opportunity to change that perspective, to be pushed into the Elsewhere area that is normally off limits to us, as in the Hawking's map. Or as in Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey, to venture into the unknown, seek some lesson or story, and bring it back to the community. Time at Elsewhere residency is an excursion into a new realm to gain knowledge, illumination, myth and to bring this back.

Like the mists of Avalon, one must have arrived at one’s own center before being able to part the mists to enter. In this sense, Elsewhere is the unknown but often glimpsed. It lies on and creates the border of that which both influences us and that which we can in turn influence. It is a frequency to which we may attune - a playground for the higher self. Elsewhere is somewhere, where we arrive at ourselves over and over again.