Elsewhere Resident Liaison Program

The resident liaison program is a fantastic way for the community to connect with the residents and vice-versa! There are so many ways you can make a difference in a resident's stay here in the North Fork Valley.


Here is how it works:

When a new batch of residents are coming in we email you who it is and what they are into. You respond with your interests and we get the two of you connected. You can buddy up for the entirety of their residency or a one time adventure. It is up to you and the resident.

Ways to Connect:

Take a resident to a town event.

From the Fashion Show to Film Fest, there is always something fun to do in Paonia. Bring a resident along!


Show a resident your favorite trail.

Jumbo Mountain, Mount Lamborn, Grand Mesa, Black Canyon..... the list is endless. Take a resident on a hike, or climbing, or on the river or on any of the other countless adventures available.

photo by Trent Davis Bailey

photo by Trent Davis Bailey

photo by Teya Cranson

photo by Teya Cranson


Have a CSA work exchange program?

Residents often like to do a work exchange for Paonia's farm fresh ingredients.


Love to cook a big meal?

Invite one or all of the residents over for a home cooked meal. Who knows how long since the last time anyone has cooked for them.


Going to the big city?

Give a resident a ride to or from the airport or train station in Grand Junction or Glenwood Springs. Elsewhere asks the residents to pay $50 to the driver, so make a day of it and hit the road!


Have a lot of stuff in your life?

Many residents travel from all over and don't have the ability to bring everything they need for their extended stay. As a liaison you will be the first to know when we need stuff.

Become a Liaison.Sign up to be on the liaison email list below and get connected!

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