Hats hearts and halos

I seem to weave in and out of creating here at Elsewhere. Not only do i change hats as residency director, carpenter, dreamer, mother and sometimes as fellow artist in resident, but have recently re-organized the costume closet and added my personal collection of hats to the mix! hats!DSC_3281

The sky is white with millions of angels today, and I am moving out after haveing an extraordinary and healing month in the gingerbread house.  This month has been focused on painting a commission, and well... painting, and painting, just the act of painting.... picking up the brush and putting color on it, not doing the dishes, the computer up dates, the broken heart...

I became sensitive to my oil paints two years ago and have been transiting from being an oil painter to being a water colorist, to not really painting.  Being here this month has eased open a wall in my heart, and color seems to be allowed to spill through once again.  Nothing physical has changed, no new paints, or tricks, just an energy has shifted, a magic.  New eyes and an open heart.  A soft knowing.


My 10 year old daughter Riven Sky was here this month as well. We would peek out the gingerbread window in the morning before getting ready for school to see if “grandmas restaurant” (my mother, Karen, the Residency manager who lives in the basement as well as the pottery studio) was open for breakfast, and it was a lot of the time!  Riven spent most evenings after school putting her music on in the studio and choreographing dance routines, or watching Lane weave on the loom, completely immersed.  She did a couple dance performances here during this month for artists and friends.

This is my commission finished! (not the best pics though)


This is my painting in progress...


Happy new years, welcoming 2013!