Two months at Elsewhere Studios---

I arrived at Elsewhere at the beginning of May after living in San Francisco since Janurary, my first night consisted of a BBQ including an array of meats I've never tried befpre, new people and a tour of the space I would call home for two months. I knew it would be a magical time from that first night.  I came to Elsewhere prepared to spend all my time on new work. I graduated last year from University of Florida with a Drawing degree and wanted to elaborate on a series I had started my last semester. My work deals with theories of the infinite, proposed structures of the universe and the utter isolation these postulates create. I created 7 new paintings which involved new mediums such as hologram paper collage, did some collaborative collaging with Taylor Boylston, an artist I met at Paonia, and some experimental drawings. Me and Taylor had a collaborative final show my last weekend at the Blue Sage called Everything that Is. Not only did I have time to focus on my work and do readings/research but also had time to do a variety of activities around Paonia! I met so many great people who allowed me to participate in new experiences such as paragliding, water rafting, shooting, camping in Telluride! It was truly an enchanting life those two months. I already miss the fairy tale like house that is Elsewhere, the infectious energy around Paonia, and of course Rev beers! I made some great friends and I will be back next year with fellow Resident Alicia Toldi ready to make more art and have new experiences, cant wait! See ya later Paonia!

the artwork i made at Elsewhere & also previous work can be viewed @ 

IMG_2395Fellow June Residents: Sarah Coates, Alicia Toldi, And me!