If Painting is Batman, Robin is….?

I came to Elsewhere thinking of painting as my main media.  As an artist, I’d spent the last 2 years working to create a professional body of artwork.  Just prior to arriving here, I realized that I desperately needed to experiment and loosen up, so I dove into my residency with that as my goal.

In the process I picked up several media that I thought of as peripheral (sidekicks!) to my main focus of painting and started to play around.  If painting is batman, Robin is… figure drawing and ceramics?

The only thing is, I started to question my own categorization of different types of art; and, I’ve found myself wondering just what direction I will go with it all when I leave Elsewhere.  I’ve learned how important it is to add playfulness and experimentation in with focus and goal orientation.

I think the residency has been successful.