Goodbye Elsewhere

It is my last day at Elsewhere, and as I am leaving tomorrow morning for the airport I feel it is about time I wrote my blog post.

It is 10 am, fellow residents (and now good friends) Christine and Jeane are working away on their computers as the rays of light are beaming across the floor where Tomatoes, the cat, lays soaking up the warmth of the morning sun. I have made the whole house smell of bacon, and have been happily chomping away on some fresh bread from the bakery next door. Everybody is relaxed after Friday night’s open house; a good local turn out to see the artwork we produced during the month of March.

When we first arrived there was snow covering the ground and a crisp chill in the air, now the first buds of spring are popping up and the birds are warming up their vocal chords for the months ahead. It is a lovely place to be based; a welcoming and friendly town with the beautiful backdrop of the mountains. My experience here will be treasured, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Nonetheless, I am ready to move on; I am not used to staying in one place for very long, and there is more of this amazing world to see. Not only am I leaving Paonia, but I am also leaving the US. After nearly 2 years of living and travelling this wonderful country I am bound for pastures new. I am sad to be going but also excited for the future, holding many amazing memories from the people I have met and the places I have explored.

To avoid being absorbed in reminiscing too much, the coffee pot distracts me; frantically yet comfortingly bubbling away to create a new aroma to surround our happy (yet temporary) home. I am reminded I need to pack my bags and start preparing for the next stage of my journey.

Although I have only been at Elsewhere for a month, the time here has given me the opportunity to bring together and develop my creative process in a way I could not have planned. As a person, I feel less lost; embracing transition and feeling more content with every day that unfolds. Art is like therapy and I feel lucky to have been immersed in it with other inspiring creative minds. I am looking forward to seeing how my work progresses, as well as the other artists I have shared my duration here with. Thanks y’all, and good luck with with all your future endeavors!