The North Fork Dazzled Me - Alyson Davies

Starting 2017 by dancing with the people of Paonia at the New Year’s steam punk celebration was a glorious way to start a new cycle. Being a returning Elsewherian I knew some of what to expect from Elsewhere and Paonia, but was surprised and humbled by the kindness and openness of the community. I found Paonia a loving host for my artistic projects. My co-residents were fabulous humans, absolute gems and kindred spirits. My friendships with them have been inspiring and are shaping into incredible collaborations. Having the basement space to myself was such a blessing, I’m incredibly grateful of being able to make creative messes and attempt new ventues in self directed ceramic play. I learnt a lot about my practice and held many sauna mediation sessions. The North Fork dazzled me with sights, tastes and its residents. My most humble thank you to all of the beautiful souls who do so much to make magic in the world.