Lauren Welch

Some things that I learned at Elsewhere that I only could have learned from Elsewhere:

1.     Everything is a dormant volcano.

2.     Sriracha mayo goes with just about any food in the house.

3.     You can cook quesadillas very adequately on the dashboard of Daniel’s car, and it doesn’t even have to be very hot out.

4.     If you let the wooden hot tub in the back soak for a while, the wood will swell and block up all the leaks.

5.     One mountain slope is green and the other is barren because the barren side is south facing and gets the brunt of the sun.

6.     Aspen groves are actually just one giant organism network.

7.     California condors lay their eggs on the ground inside caves.

8.     Always bring tissues.

9.     Magpies work in teams. One will perch on top of your car and keep a look out while the other one raids the inside.

10.  I should probably be composting.

11.  The weeds in the community garden make great salad greens.

12.  Tomatoes will love you more than anyone else if you have a heated blanket.

13.  A cactus cat is a cat with bone claws that lives in the desert and gets drunk on fermented cactus juices.

14.  Dill and eggs go well together.

15.  Ask for anything and ye shall receive.

16.  Transients and wanderers welcome.

17.  Paonia is a microclimate.

18.  Talking and adventuring is just as legitimate to the artistic process as the actual making.

19.  Searching for the Woohoos at City Market is a serious skill (that I don’t have).

20.  Direct and explicit communication saves a lot of trouble.

21.  Why buy anything new when you can just get it from the thrift store?

22.  National parks are free on holiday weekends.

23.  Camping is free if you make up your own space.

24.  Aspen ski slopes are free if you pretend like you know what you’re doing.

25.  Everything should be sold through CSA shares.

26.  Water is a valuable resource, especially in the desert, so save jugs of dirty water while the faucet is running.

27.  Ben is great to have around working if you want a solid studio day.

28.  Elsewhere is made for experiences, so don’t just sit inside all day.

29.  The Blue Sage studios are a gem.

30.  There is no better community to live and learn from than the people of Paonia.