Derek Martin

The works express an influence by place. They reflect the departure from my past series while simultaneously serving as their extension. Without this opportunity from Elsewhere Studios I would have never explored the realms of performance in fluidity - of

motion in time and space both independently and collaboratively. I greeted failure through experimentation; stirring play into an old recipe. With subtle gestures of the body I create marks as impressions in the medium I choose re-forms the environment. They are sculptures but I feel paintings, and yet they are also studies to better inform my next work.

Derek Glenn Martin

Martin is a site-specific artist based out of: New York (Montauk & NYC) as well as Braddock, PA working in: performance, sculpture, installation, photography, sound and video. He has amassed solo, two-person and group shows nationally and internationally, taking his practice abroad to: Poland, Germany, London, Egypt, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and throughout the U.S. His current work investigates the phenomena of human creativity drawing from ancient practices to modern techniques to inspire and help re-cultivate our relationship to the environment. As he states: “How we treat our planet is how we face our future.”


IG: derekglennmartin