A Toast to 2014!!

Oh, you thought I meant a glass of champagne and some pithy remarks about resolutions?
No, no no.  Talkin’ ‘bout toast.  As in Bread and Buttah.  A toast post, if you will.
I mean, Elsewhere Studios is right next to a bakery, The Flying Fork, so I daresay this is appropriate.
So far I have taste-tasted (toast-tested?) several of the Flying Fork’s bready delights.  Whole wheat, rosemary foccaccia, cranberry walnut…I’m thinking about firing up the toaster oven right now.
Wikipedia defines toast as bread that has been browned by exposure to radiant heat.  I don’t know about you, but that is dang sexy.  Red hot coils!  Tongs and open fires!  Maillard reaction turning that bread to a perfect golden brown.
From what I’ve read of toast history, it sounds like toast arrived on the scene as the best way to make stale bread palatable.  So toast is like, recycling!  Sweet. But of course I think it’s better with fresh bread, and not grocery spongey wonder-white.  I’m just gonna put that out there.
Toast can be really personal, though.
I’m not here to tell you that your bread needs to have gluten in it.  I’m not here to debate the knee-knocking deliciousness of melting salted butter versus cholesterol-free Smart Balance, or mock your vegan coconut oil-white miso whip (cuz that stuff be good).  Do you like honey on ya toast?  Get it.  Is jam your thing?  Avocado and sea salt?  Maybe a full-on lumberjack shit-on-a-shingle manly meal?  Dry toast and tea for a sick tummy.  Massive mayonnaisey BLT for some big yummy.  Toast is versatile.  Toast is the most.
Plus, making toast is a no brainer.  Drop bread slice in slot.  Depress button.
Perfect for those hungover mornings when you need that extra two minutes to stare off into space and groan and think about all the embarrassing things you did or said mere hours earlier in the midnight hour.
Toast is ready to comfort and soothe you, belly and psyche both.
Why not have another slice?  Maybe with some peanut butter slathered on it this time.  Oooohhh.  Perhaps a little midmorning (or afternoon?) pot of coffee alongside?
However you love your toast, here’s hoping you enjoy it this new year.  But should misfortune befall you, and you accidentally drop that delicately browned slice of awesome onto the floor, may your toast always land butter-side up.